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With the saturation of .com domain names, more people and businesses are looking to alternative domain extensions such as .fr, .app, .ai, .store, and .io. Especially for companies that are focused on a particular country or region, we recommend that you consider country-specific domain extensions. For example, a local French retailer can choose a .fr domain name without significant impact because many French users are accustomed to the .fr domain name. In certain domains, .app is popular with mobile device companies that treat web pages as landing pages for mobile applications, while .ai is common to organizations related to artificial intelligence and .org associates with nonprofits. Is often done. While other domain sites prioritize searching for .com domain names, Panabee’s search page originally supported other domain extensions Domain Name Search . If you select an extension such as .ai, the results will be displayed with the desired extension until you explicitly change it. For certain domain extensions, we also provide relevant keywords to increase your chances of finding the name you want.

The following is an example of a common domain name search.

Search for domain names on .com

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.app Domain name search

.store domain name search

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.co domain name search

.fr domain name search

Domain name search tips

Explore other TLDs. Domains with the .com extension are the most popular, but the most difficult to buy. You can match the name to your business by investigating other domain extensions. Domain extensions such as .ai and .store enhance business and project customization and increase availability. Entrepreneurs focused on a country or an industry domain such as .app or .clothing can escape the competition on .com and use Panabee to find a free domain Check Website Domain Registration. Use Panabee. Our website shows the availability of the domain, but if the domain is adopted, alternatives are suggested. Most sites can only see .com, .net, and some other common top-level domains. It is not useful for international companies that need a specific top-level domain in their country. Panabee allows you to perform domain checks on the most popular top-level domains. When you select the default top-level domain, Panabee remembers your selection and compares all names to this top-level domain.

All suggestions are based on the extension, not .com, until you choose another candidate. For example, if you are a Chinese entrepreneur, you can tell Panabee to use .cn. All suggestions use .cn domains instead of .com to check availability Check Website Domain Registration . Collect tools. Many websites and applications offer domain name searches with various strengths and weaknesses. For example, some are designed to validate multiple domains at once, while others are optimized to validate one at a time, but they are very quick. The first step is to spend time at Google and identify the specific service that suits your purpose.

Do you have multiple domain names to check at once?

Need something that you can name right away? Define your needs and then fill in the toolbox. See other tips for naming your business and generating names for your applications and websites. Be optimistic. A very good domain name is used. Some are captured by people who “invest” in domains such as domain name stickers and real estate. Others are captured by competitors. In any case, be prepared for denials when searching for domain names. Be creative. When you get a domain name, be creative and think of alternatives. There are many approaches. The most obvious is to find a name that is directly related to the core concept, such as, when creating a cooking blog.

 However, Amazon, Apple, and others have shown that domain names do not always directly reflect the underlying business. It can be figurative or it can reflect what you want to connect to your business or product. For example, deliberately chose a name that associates people with freshness and green. Understand your audience To Check Domain Availability . The general advice is to find a domain name that is short and easy to remember. It’s more flexible if you’re not consumer-oriented, or if your business is local, such as a restaurant, and you expect little web traffic. In such cases, it’s a good idea to find the domain name that is the longest and may not be the most creative to enter. Use your personal settings or general properties to find your domain name. For example, a Palo Alto architect might choose the domain name Alternatively, you can choose a name based on the busy Palo Alto street, such as Some inspiration to use as part of your domain name:

What is privacy protection?

Privacy protection is commonly known as WHOIS protection. Use WHOIS to make sure you can’t find yourself in your domain.

WHOIS is just a public database that stores domain names and registrar data. There you will find the basic contact details for the domain owner. Hostinger helps protect your privacy by providing privacy protection.

This service hides all your contact information!

The difference between .com and. Net and. org. Information?

Both TLDs are generic and have in common. But the difference lies in its usage.

.com: Formerly meant “commercial”, it is now used for almost everything.

.org-org is an abbreviation for an organization and is usually used by an organization. The rules for using a domain are more guidelines than official laws, so feel free to give it a try. However, keep in mind that very different TLDs can confuse users.

What is the difference between a domain name and a web server?

 In the first place, a successful web presence requires both. Basically, web hosting is a physical enterprise, and domain names are addresses.

To find the right company and see its products, you need to go to a physical store. To do this, use the address. The domain name and web host work together to simplify the process.