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Have you ever thought of starting a website for your business? Many people have already begun searching for their target audience by ensuring their online presence. For every website, the domain name has prime importance. They are the unique names that help your customers to reach your website without a doubt. Several brands hold the same name, which creates confusion for the viewers, have a unique domain name solves this issue while searching. So, now you may be querying how you can choose a proper domain name? Well, the Onlive server is here to ease the task of domain name selection.

Domain names- let’s check in depth

Every website requires a unique and easy domain name, as it helps more people remember your brand. Better be careful while choosing the domain name if you are planning a long-term business; you need to find a permanent domain name to avoid confusion among customers. Usually, the domain names are taken for a year and then renewed each time. It is better to keep the same domain name for your brand every year so that customers can recognize your brand.

Getting the right domain name,

Everyone has this query in mind while thinking of Domain Name Registration Sites, and we can make this a simple process through the right decisions. Domain names are those that represent your brand, so choose a name related to the business. Select the domain name that is easy to remember and simple, also catchy at the same time.

You have different domain registration sites where you can check for the availability of the domain names. When you get the desired domain name, you have to pay the amount mentioned on the site and purchase them. It is the basic registration process that most sites follow, where companies and individuals are allowed to register the domain names.

It is ampler to register the domain name for your brand at the earliest, as many people have the business name same worldwide. Even if your host site is not ready, you can register your domain name. When your website is perfect for hosting, you can contact the service providers to get further help. This service is offered so that people who are starting the website will not lose the chance to get the desired domain name.

Domain registration- we are here to help you

Onlive Server is one of the best domain registration websites you can rely on, as we give you our services at cheaper rates. You have to follow a few steps to complete the registration process, easy and quicker than ever.

If you are a beginner at our site, you have to register using a relevant email id to create an account. You can type to find our official website. Those who already have an account can log in to the website using the registered email id and password.

Now appears a search box where you are directed to type the domain name of your choice. Use relevant keywords to create your domain name, and you can change the currency as per requirement. Several extensions appear in the categories, used for various websites; some of them are standard extensions. The rate for the extensions differs considering their demand, but people nowadays like to try some new extensions also.

You choose, there should be an extension for the domain name, and if the site shows that it is unavailable, you have to search again.

As the multiple business names are the same it is usual for the Check Domain Name to be unavailable. You have to bring some changes in the keyword, but never try to change the brand-related name completely. It is better to combine the extensions in the domain name to benefit your business, something related to the place or services you offer.

The domain name you purchase is for one year, so if you want to continue using the same, you have to renew the registration by paying the amount every year. Keep this in mind as a long-time business always need to maintain the same domain name to attract more customers to their site.

Do you have any queries related to domain name registration?  We are here to help you with possible answers. Our expert team will provide you technical support at any time, and you can contact them if you have any doubts concerning your domain name registration process. You can drop a message through the site, send an email, or call us to utilize our services.


Domain registration is something that every website owner is keen to do at the earliest. If you own a website for business purposes, you cannot avoid the domain name as it has importance for improving your business. Make your choice when you book for a domain name, and it should be catchy so that people will remember them for a longer time. Don’t wait anymore; log in to Onlive Server and grab the opportunity to register the desired domain name.