Cheapest Linux VPS

To be very honest, businesses like to go for the Cheapest Linux VPS instead of a dedicated server mainly because of the huge amount of money that they can save with the use of VPS servers.

Knowing the Difference

VPS is cheaper in comparison to a fully dedicated server. This is one of the most important reasons why there are many businesses that choose cheap Linux VPS deals in place of Cheap Linux dedicated servers. However, if you go a little deeper into this fact, there are some other important points that you would come across.

Dedicated Server vs VPS

First of all, what do you mean by a dedicated server? Dedicated servers are exactly what they sound like. You have an entire physical server hosting just your site and nobody else’s. You can do pretty much anything that you wish to do with your dedicated server. There are no users on the same server which means that all its resources can be used only for the requirements of your individual business. You get abilities like managing the original hardware, maintaining control on storage and monitoring and managing the server the way you like.

Coming to VPS, it is a virtual private server that runs software in a kind of virtualized environment where the users or the customers share storage and hardware. This means that your website shall take control of a virtual machine on hardware that also hosts other websites. Majority of the virtual servers run on one physical server but they share their:

  • Processors or Cores- The VPS clients have the flexibility of going for more processors or cores.
  • Storage- VPS servers can have several YBs of hard drive space that can be shared by a number of users.
  • RAM or Memory- Cheapest Linux VPS clients or customers get the freedom of upgrading their own RAM or memory.

However, it is important to note that people or users can rarely get sight of any evidence that proves the fact that this kind of sharing does exist. This is mainly because the hosting providers generally isolate the VPS of their users from the other virtual servers with which they share one physical server.

Advantages of Going for Cheap Linux VPS

Since you have come up with the decision of going for the Cheap VPS Linux, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of the advantages of this hosting solution. To be very brief, this type of hosting comes with low cost set up and quick and hassle-free deployment.