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Quick Guide on Google Workspace

The online work from home revolution has changed the method of running a business all around the world. The new way of running a business has become digital, and business tycoons and entrepreneurs are running their businesses online. Therefore, google integrated all the crucial tools and resources to manage an online business into a single platform, i.e., Google Workspace. Google has developed this really easy-to-use platform for operating an online business in one place. To; provide essential and authentic services, Onlive server lined up with a Google app for our clients. Also; we make sure to give technical assistance whenever required

G workspace is a set of cloud computing, productive and collaborative tools, and a set of software. Google’s major aim for developing Google Workspace is to create an easy-to-use, manageable, and collaborative platform for running an online business.

Onlive Server offers a unique Google Workspace plan

Google Store is one of the most immeasurable platforms to manage an online business in this new digital world. We provide the specific pricing of Google Workspace that will not go heavy on your pockets, and its prices are listed below-

  • The Business starter plan is Rs.2$ monthly, which is pretty economical for the initial set-up.Moreover, it comes with 30 GB per user of cloud storage.
  • The Business standard plan is 12$ monthly with cloud storage of 2TB per user.
  • Now, the business plus plan is 20$ monthly with cloud storage of 5 TB per user.
  • The Enterprise plan starts at Rs.32$ monthly with unlimited cloud storage.
Google Workspace Plan – Onlive Server

Significant Things About Google Workspace

Google Workspace was first named Google Apps, and then it became G-Suite and finally Google Workspace. Multiple Companies and Startups rely on G Suite to create a space for their team to collaborate, interact and share ideas.

Google Workspace includes a trusted emailing service, video conferencing platform, secure messaging platform, contacts, calendar. We will be lined up with all the tools and software required to run an online business. Onlive Server has strong customer support available 24/7 dedicated to solve any problem or issue you might have using the Google Workspace platform.

You can choose the plan according to the number of people working in your team and the capacity of your business.

Every Plan Has-

  1. Emailing Service
  2. Google Meet/Chat
  3. Calendar
  4. Advanced Security
  5. Security Controls

These plans indicate Google plan is for every sort of business. The additional advantage provided by the Onlive server that the client can manage everything from searching domain to Google drive in a single panel.

Some Important Apps in Google Workspace-

Google Business Email- Google Business Email or Gmail is a free emailing service provided by Google. It begins with 15 GB of storage per user. Each user can send 2000 emails and receive emails of 50 MBs in size. Gmail is one of the most patronized and advanced emailing services in the world.

Google Drive- Google Drive is a cloud storage software developed by Google that can store your data in Google’s Server. Google Drive also offers the service of sharing files with others. Google Drive is well connected with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The content you create on Google Docs Office Suite gets stored in Google Drive. You can increase the storage capacity of Google Drive through paid plans offered by Onlive.

Google Meet and Chat- Google meet and chat was previously a part of G Suite. Google launched them in 2017. Google Meet is a video conferencing platform in which you can add up to 150 participants at a time. Google chat is a messaging software developed by Google to create a space where team members can interact and discuss.

Video Conferencing– Google Meet is one of the best video conferencing platforms in the world. You can do meetings, conferences, and even record in Google Meet. This software was developed to make a space where teams can collaborate, share ideas and work on a common goal.


In this Online Era, G Suite is the best platform to run an online business. Google is also one of the most trusted brands around the globe. Their plan starts at a minimal price of $3 which is literally nothing and their most premium plan is $35 per month. There is no requirement to worry about security and privacy using Google Workspace. You can make your business more manageable and simpler through Google Workspace.