Enterprise-level or large corporations that need better security, a solid network, maximum performance, and dedicated resources recommend having their dedicated server. Managed USA Dedicated Server Hosting helps you in some ways, giving you several powerful features that are not available with shared hosting or VPS hosting. On the other hand, this can be seen as an added additional burden or long-term hassle of maintaining a dedicated server in your office. So as a solid option, they are looking for fully managed dedicated servers. A dedicated server gives you multiple storage and customization options in the form of business-class solid-state drives, DDR3 RAM, the latest motherboard, unique IP, an environment to run your applications, control panel, database, and mail solution, etc. Can be installed or changed according to your needs.

 There are 2 ways to have a Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Firstly, you can buy a dedicated server and install it in your building, which is a one-time investment but it forces you to pay regular income in terms of managing the server. Income will come in the form of the salary of technical staff, electricity bills, cooling, network management, ISP charges, etc. In addition, maintenance and disaster recovery tasks must also be performed on your behalf.

The second and best option is managed and cheap USA Dedicated Server Hosting. As a result, many business properties prefer to purchase a dedicated server on a rental basis from an organization that specializes in managing all types of servers, VPS, and cloud hosting. It is now clear that you do not have to worry about critical issues like location, security, maintenance, or rely on third-party servers where other applications or websites are disrupting your services. There is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use for your application. There are many reasons to host your applications or websites on a dedicated server.

 Why should you choose USA Dedicated Server Hosting?

Superior and Unmatched Performance- When talking about a dedicated server, the first thing that comes to mind is the superior and unmatched performance which is one of its features. Nowadays, performance is a trump card for any company that can increase your sales or hurt you. Businesses are ready to go online and they will never be hurt by choosing the wrong form of web hosting. So here we can draw it in the following form:

Dedicated Servers – Superior and unmatched performance.

Full Control: Control is in the hands of every company. If you have complete control over your resources and your technical knowledge as your server provider, you can use every percentage of your servers in the best and return form. This weapon gives you the privilege to adjust the priority of resource allocation from the lowest level to the highest level.

Solid Network Availability- Basically, a network enables millions of people across the globe to be connected. Your website or application is hosted on a server that users are expected to connect to at all times and without interruption. There are many software or applications that are connected to the server via an API that cannot allow a downtime of one second without notice. To get all these features, you need to go for a dedicated server.

Enterprise-grade- Every website or application stores data that is invaluable to you. To secure and provide high data transfer speeds internally, Onlive Servers offers solid-state drives of the enterprise-class, which are known for fast data transfer and secure data storage. Enterprise-class solid-state drives make the drive crash almost impossible.

Dedicated IP Address – As everyone knows, each dedicated server has a different dedicated IP which gives your website or application a unique identity and also provides full root access which means that you are on your server. You are in full control and can customize it to suit your needs.

Ability to run high traffic websites – Managing high traffic websites typically requires large resources, unmeasured bandwidth, and technical expertise. These things are readily available with a dedicated server and the most interesting part is the providers like Online Servers, their dedicated server prices are very reasonable and competitive.

Uptime – One thing to consider when choosing Cheap Dedicated Server – hours of downtime are forever for doing business online. The highest uptime, usually 99.9%, is the main criterion a company should consider when purchasing a Cheap Dedicated Server. Many companies offer 100% availability and have not been able to achieve this. You should be careful with these hosting companies as they do not expect users to ask for refunds. Make sure the company has at least 99.9% availability.

Performance – Some web hosting service providers use cheap hardware, which sounds like a great spec, but is slower and more prone to downtime due to downtime. Cheap deals don’t always include free upgrades of hardware, backup systems, configuration, and control panel options.

Security – Software installation can be done easily with a few clicks if you are aware of it. It is completely different, however, to configure the server with the underlying operating system (OS) and then intuitively run everything safely on the server. When a web host offers to host, they ensure that the customer has a team of software engineers who can protect their websites from malicious attacks.